Brent Egan, MD
Sen. Medical Director

Rob Davis
Executive Director

Rob Davis has diverse experiences with startup companies as well as Fortune 100 companies and research organizations. He has a 25 plus year career with AT&T companies and for the past decade has devoted his career to not-for-profit companies combining expertise in data warehousing, quality and operations to support healthcare transformation. Rob is currently the Executive Director of the Care Coordination Institute Labs (CCI). CCI includes over 10,000 physicians and providers who serve over 4 million active patients from over 800 sites in SC. CCI actively monitors patient treatment and outcomes and supports physicians in best serving their patients. Recently work has focused on population health and the systems to support the transformation from a fee for service model to a value model in healthcare.

Farris Fleming
Research and Grants Coordinator

Responsible for the finance and accounting needs for CCI labs grants and contracts. Serves as coordinator for grant related projects and proposal administration. Assists in event coordination and project planning.

Kyra Garofolo
Data Scientist

Kyra Garofolo is responsible for the acquisition of medical record data from all of CCI Labs’ collaborating practices. She additionally supports CCI Labs’ research and quality improvement programs with statistical analysis of health, cost, psychosocial and environmental data. Kyra has a master’s degree in biostatistics with over eight years of experience across various applications of statistics and data analysis. In her role as Data Scientist, she works alongside the business and clinical teams to determine and implement appropriate, effective analytics approaches. Having spent some time in the fields of actuarial science and higher education, Kyra has returned to healthcare research to follow her passion in applying data and analysis to improve patient and public health outcomes.

Jason Howard
Software Engineer

Responsible for website and report development as well as other IT related requests at CCI Labs. Jason has over 15 years of experience in healthcare IT, including EMR support and custom reporting.

Dave Ramsey
Director of Informatics

Manages all technology utilization and deployment among CCI Labs and its research or quality improvement partners. Oversees all information technology aspects of CCI Labs including data collection, incorporation into the CCI database, analytics, reporting and assists in the delivery of quality improvement initiatives. Directly responsible for all data analysis of financial data tied to patient claims. Assists CCI leadership in operational financial management and systems.

Kim Roberts
Associate Quality Specialist

Ms. Roberts has a nursing degree from Florida Hospital College and has experience in Quality and Performance Improvement within the healthcare field.  In her current position, she is responsible for implementing Quality Improvement projects such as MAP, a hypertension control project.  She serves as a Practice Facilitator for multiple practices as they engage in these QI projects and serves as an educator and trainer for staff in various roles in many practices in SC. Her belief is that the best way to take care of patients and their families is to deliver evidence based care, and she wants to see research affect best practices for providers.

Susan Sutherland, PhD
Senior Biostatistician

Lends her experience and expertise to advancing research and population health initiatives. She collaborates with investigative teams, scientists and administrators to develop, implement and evaluate programs to improve the health of all people. Her current research focus includes analyzing complex health data to inform primary and secondary prevention efforts and developing a hierarchical clustering framework in which to investigate and develop programs for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

C. Shaun Wagner, PhD
Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for all CCI Labs data holdings and organization of data. Develops scorecards, huddle reports, web sites and program specific data analyses. Provides data extracts and analyses for research projects and contributes as an author to research publications. Develops ad-hoc analyses for the Chief Scientist and others to characterize the patients and their health for CCI Labs data sets.

Ellison Welton
Physician Liason

Over the past 24 years, Ms. Welton has held several positions in the healthcare field such as a Bereavement Coordinator, Patient and Family Liaison in a Level 1 Trauma Center and a Community Assessment Therapist that have included advocacy for patients and families in need or crisis. In those capacities, Ms. Welton has endeavored to provide timely information and to serve as a resource to these patients when they need it the most. In her current role as Provider Relations Coordinator, Ms. Welton is responsible for ensuring deliverables are met for collaborations with DHEC and CDC on several multi-year grants. She created a quarterly workshop series entitled Chrysalis that seeks to educate providers and healthcare staff on various topics of interest in the field. Ms. Welton manages a network of over 12,500 providers and seeks to expand the services of CCI including online reporting capabilities and quality improvement projects throughout the entire state of SC.

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