TIP TOP Project

Care Coordination Institute (CCI) Labs has partnered with Dr. Matt Carpenter at the Medical University of South Carolina on a behavioral-based intervention for smoking cessation. The study specifically tests whether a brief supply (i.e. starter pack) of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), provided within the primary care setting, leads to an increased quit behavior (engagement in further treatment, quit attempts, abstinence), as compared to usual practice (Ask, Advise, Refer). The NRT sampling intervention, based on prior efficacy studies, is intended to fit well within primary care settings. It is brief (~1-2 minutes), concrete (behavior-based), easily delivered by physicians and/or affiliated healthcare personnel, and could lead to significant improvements in patient health.

Conceptual Model

Self-Efficacy Further Treatment Utilization
Familiarization w/NRT Quit
Motivation Abstinence

Clinic Requirements

Participants (adult smokers) will be recruited by clinic personnel within a primary care setting, given a brief intervention to quit smoking, and then tracked for 6 months to assess outcomes. Clinic personnel will be responsible for: 1) screening, 2) consenting, 3) baseline assessment, 4) intervention delivery. The entire process for screening, consenting, and baseline assessment is expect to take <15 minutes.

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