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The Care Coordination Institute (CCI) is based in Greenville, South Carolina and is committed to partnering with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to transform the health of communities through facilitation and education around coordination of care, evidence-based best practices and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on quality, healthcare costs and the patient experience. By utilizing a resource like CCI, whose sole focus is to provide a broad spectrum of support services and educational resources, healthcare providers can achieve better health outcomes for their patients and reduce healthcare costs.


The CCI was established to help physicians and hospitals develop the competencies needed to function in a highly managed population health environment through a physician-led model of care. The CCI houses resources to assist in all aspects of population health. With a common vision in mind, an organization formerly known as the Outpatient Quality Improvement Network (OQUIN), joined the CCI in 2013.

OQUIN began in 1999 with a vision to transition South Carolina from a leader in cardiovascular disease to a model of heart and vascular health. At the time, South Carolina ranked 50th, making it one of the worst states in the nation for cardiovascular disease. Today, the state ranks 37th. CCI contributed to this improvement by arming healthcare providers across the state with the tools and resources needed to deliver comprehensive, consistent, coordinated care.

While great progress has been made over the years, specifically in the area of cardiovascular disease, much more work remains. As such, CCI has expanded its focus to include other chronic diseases and patient groups, such as pediatrics and inpatients. Its membership base has also grown to include nearly 500 clinical sites across the Southeast.