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The goal of the Care Coordination Institute (CCI) is to have a positive impact on quality, healthcare costs and the patient experience. By utilizing a resource like CCI, whose sole focus is to provide a broad spectrum of support services and educational resources, healthcare providers and hospitals can achieve better health outcomes for their patients and reduce healthcare costs.

Our Members

We provide data and analytic services to over 900 sites in the state of SC. Many of our providers practice in FQHCs, rural health practices, health system, hospitals, CINs and independent practices in every region of the state. Though the settings may differ, a common element is shared: the more quality that providers can achieve in serving their patients, the more satisfaction their patients will have and the more cost savings those patients can experience. In order to achieve quality, providers must be aware of how to maximize performance on priority clinical interventions with patients who have conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. At CCI, we are committed to providing our members information and education regarding current reporting requirements that maximize provider reimbursement and to engaging with our members to provide quality improvement activities that transform best practices and achieve optimum results for patients.


Members have access to monthly online reports that indicate how their outcomes compare to other providers who are treating patients with the same diagnoses.

Sample Reports

• MAP Report – Hypertension Control
• Coronary Artery Disease
• Diabetes
• Heart/Stroke
• Hypertension
• New Reports for 2017 MACRA and MIPS


CCI offers a number of programs to help providers improve patient outcomes.

Quality Improvement Tools and Projects

1. Lean Six Sigma

LSS is a problem-solving technique combining the tools of Six Sigma (improving quality) and Lean (removing waste).
CCI offers Lean Six Sigma training, testing and certification for members. This free service is provided as a means to help members maximize their quality improvement efforts. To login or request an account, click here.


2. Blood Pressure (BP) Improvement Project

The AMA and CCI along with other partners developed a customized quality improvement initiative to improve blood pressure control. This Hypertension Control Quality Improvement program begins with an in-depth overview of the evidence-based framework for improving blood pressure control with engages practice leaders and clinical teams in self-directed education via fact sheets, peer-to-peer exchange via webinars and tools to support improvements in teamwork and workflow.

The evidence-based framework includes three main components: Measure accurately, Act rapidly and Partner with patients, families and communities. Additionally, the foundational principles of this framework include practice leaders and clinical teams having timely access to actionable data stratified by risk groups, checklists and other tools that support improvement and an acknowledgement of the important role of teamwork and communication.


3. Statin Improvement – 2013 Statin Guidelines

Hypercholesterolemia is a major, modifiable risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) events. Statins are evidence-based first line therapy for primary and secondary and prevention of ASCVD. The 2013 Cholesterol Guideline would treat approximately 12.8 million more adults for hypercholesterolemia and 673,684 ASCVD events would be prevented with implementing the 2013 Guidelines. Given the demonstrated effectiveness of statin therapy, this observation suggests that applying this small change in patient care could prevent a substantial number of expected ASCVD events.

Statin Guidelines Improvement Project is an online, free, 20-minute tutorial on how you can improve the rate of cholesterol screening in South Carolina and lower cardiovascular risk in our patients. Completion of this training qualifies as a Quality Improvement project for Patient Centered Medical Home designation.

To request access to the CCI Statin Guideline Training, Click Here.

Prescription Discount Program

The goal of this program is to improve medication compliance in stage II hypertension patients. By improving medication compliance, we can advance health outcomes and improve the overall health of the patient. Through this program, patients can qualify for what are considered high-cost hypertension prescriptions for as low as $4 per month. Because this program does not require insurance, it is especially helpful for lower-income hypertension patients.

Click here to view a list of discounted medications. You can also learn more about the program by watching these videos:

CCI Prescription Discount Program: Part 1

In this video, Dr. Wayne Weart presents clinical evidence that shows how to treat blood pressure and cholesterol without breaking the bank. Click here to watch the video.

CCI Prescription Discount Program: Part 2

In Part 2 of this video, Dr. Wayne Weart discusses treatment recommendations and the BI-LO formulary for treating blood pressure and cholesterol in a cost-effective manner. Click here to watch it now.

Dr. Wayne Weart, Pharm D, BCPS, FASHP, FAPhA, is a professor of clinical pharmacy and outcome sciences and a professor of family medicine at MUSC. 


CCI offers a quarterly newsletter that summarizes current best practices. Click here to view the Fall 2014 edition.

How to Participate

Click here for more information.