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Sinopoli, Angelo MD (8-19-14) Angelo Sinopoli, MD


Cox, Ashton (2-12-13) Ashton Cox

Administrative Assistant

rob-davis Rob Davis

Executive Director

brent-egan Brent Egan, MD

Senior Medical Director

Dustin Evancho

Database Architect

Lauren Henslee

Research Assistant

Markle, Nancy (2-18-15) Nancy Markle

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Paap, Martha (2-12-15) Martha Paap

PCMH Coordinator

Dave Ramsey

Director of Informatics

Brad Simmons

Database Architect

Strait, Jeff (2-12-15) Jeff Strait

Database Architect

Supra, John (2-18-15)

John Supra

Executive Director of Operations

Sutherland, Susan (2-27-15)

Susan Sutherland


Kayla Vosicky

Data Acquisition Coordinator

C. Shaun Wagner, PhD

Senior Data Architect

Ali Wardle

Contracts & Grant Coordinator