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CCI Network: Being the difference

Our team has been working for over 20 years with healthcare providers to improve the health of the patients they serve. The focus of CCI work includes prevention as well as evidence-based chronic care management. During the past two decades, the innovative work of CCI has been supported by 65 grants and contracts. In addition, members of the CCI team have authored over 300 peer reviewed publications.

In anticipation of the national awakening to the necessity of population healthcare, the team known in 2013 as the Outpatient Quality Improvement Network, moved to Greenville, SC, to form a new institute. This transformation established the Care Coordination Institute as a health enablement company.

CCI is a continuation and enhancement of the long standing mission to bring low cost, highly scalable, evidence based solutions to improve the quality of life of the people we serve. Today, CCI has over 150 professionals serving large and small healthcare clients using data and evidence as the basis to "Be the difference."

Available Monthly Reports Include

    • Family Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Cardiology
    • Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Huddle Report (Gaps in Care)
  • MAP (Hypertension)
  • DART (Diabetes)
  • Management Reports
  • Multiple Chronic Conditions (CHF)

Examples of Impact

Innovative Insights: Machine Learning Example

CCI is extending its biomedical analytic capabilities to include machine learning. These techniques allow computer systems to classify, filter, correlate and predict patients that may be medically related and their health status. It can process vast amounts of data without predetermined theories of how the patients, diseases, treatments or psychosocial experiences are related. As a result, CCI could potentially predict outcomes for populations that can drive preventative measures for managing these populations.

Data Mined Insights: Multiple Chronic Diseases Example

CCI is establishing itself as a leader in defining clusters of patients who exhibit complex cases of multiple chronic diseases. Patients who regularly are suffering from more than 7 chronic diseases, contribute to the largest share of medical care cost and present the most difficult cases to treat due to overlapping and conflicting protocols. CCI is working to develop unified and simplified protocols for treating each of these disease clusters in primary care practices and establish thresholds for referrals to specialists.

Population Healthcare: Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Support Example

CCI supported one of the largest Medicare Shared Savings Programs with three years of successful MSSP outcomes with shared savings and improved quality score. ~59,000 assigned beneficiaries 3% reduction in cost for assigned beneficiaries, #3 in national rankings in our cohort ~98% MSSP Quality Score in 2017, which was highest in our ACO cohort nationally.

Quality Improvement: Hypertension Example

CCI launched a quality improvement initiative in partnership with the American Medical Association (AMA) to improve hypertension control. The initiative is divided into three phases: 1. Measure Accurately, 2. Act Rapidly, and 3. Partner with Patients, Families, and Communities.

Through all of the coordinated efforts, the pilot site improved their hypertension control rate from 61.2% to 89.9%, in only six months. This quality improvement project was deployed in multiple primary care sites. Facilitation for these sites ended at 6 months. Sites maintained 99% improvement at 12 months.

How To Participate

Members of the CCI Network share a common goal of promoting better care, better value and better health. Members include hospitals, health systems, physicians, ACOs and other healthcare providers who are committed to improving the health of communities through coordinated care and evidence-based best practices.

If you are interested in learning more about CCI partnership, please contact Ellison Welton at or 864-522-2262.

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