DART: Diabetes Control and Prevention

Care Coordination Institute (CCI) Labs partnered with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to create this evidence-based diabetes prevention and control project to improve blood sugar control in diabetics and to increase detection and management of prediabetes.

Benefits of Participating in DART:

DART has 4 components, which include:

Diagnose early

Customized huddle reports identify patients on the daily schedule who need more effective diabetes management or require screening for (pre)diabetes.

Act quickly

When diabetes is uncontrolled, assess adequacy of the treatment regimen and intensity promptly when required.

Insure patient has access to prescribed treatment and utilize low-cost program, e.g, BiLo pharmacy when appropriate

Accurate and complete coding improves the quality of EHR, huddle reports, quality metrics, & CMS HCC risk adjustment.

Refer appropriately

Refer patients with diabetes to DSME/T and eligible pre-diabetics to the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Teach healthy behaviors

Exercising 150 minutes/week and healthy eating reduce incidence of diabetes and help prevent adverse outcomes.

Please click the link below to view additional information. Please email contact@ccihealth.org with questions or to learn more.

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