Active Research Projects

Primary Care Training and Enhancement
PI: Vanessa Dias, MD
This project seeks to increase the Quality Improvement knowledge and skills of pediatric care resident trainees, faculty, and practitioners by creating a novel statewide quality improvement consortium. This consortium is based on a foundation of measuring quality of care indicators in pediatric primary care practices, providing well organized and precise practice-level quality indicator data to practitioners, faculty, and trainees, and using improvement science methods to stimulate a positive change in the quality of care delivered to pediatric patients. This project will also implement quality improvement efforts across multiple practices using electronically collected quality indicator data to address targeted health areas for improvement.
DHEC 1815 Diabetes and Heart Disease & Stroke Prevent Programs-Improving the Health of Americans Through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke. This project is designed to support implementation of population-wide and priority (high burden/risk) population approaches to prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and stroke (through control of high blood pressure) and reduce health disparities in the areas among adults. CCI will provide Lean Six Sigma quality improvement training, host professional development workshops, and provide MAP facilitation trainings. CCI will also provide reports using aggregate CCI Network data to improve the effective delivery and use of clinical and preventive services in order to reduce disease, detect disease early, reduce or eliminate risk factors and mitigate or manage complications, especially those directed towards disparate populations.
HRSA Primary Care Champions
PI: Bill Moran, MD
The purpose of this program is to develop a cadre of community based practicing primary care leaders to champion practice transformation to Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). This program will address the urgent need for primary care clinicians who are trained to provide transformative leadership in community based practices, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in a state that ranks exceptionally low in access to care and health outcomes but high in poverty and adverse health risk factors such as obesity. This program will ensure that clinician fellows have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to provide leadership in practice transformation and improved population health at their primary care sites and systems, and empower them to teach these skills to others. CCI will provide consultation on best practices for quality improvement for healthcare. CCI will also use practice performance data for CME course training and improvement.

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